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What is CNG Kit

CNG or Compressed Natural Gas is an environment-friendly gaseous fuel. It is an excellent affordable alternative to diesel and petrol. To make it more cost-efficient, you can also purchase a CNG kit from an independent seller and install it in your car to reduce fuel costs. This kit includes parts installed in a vehicle and operates it using CNG gas.

To use CNG, you have to install a CNG kit in your petrol car. Else, you need to buy a CNG car. Installing a CNG kit in your existing car can be more pocket-friendly. A CNG kit consists of a refilling valve, pressure gauge, ECU or Electric Control Unit, and such other components.

Before opting to install a CNG kit, you must find out whether your car model is compatible to run on CNG.

How to Choose a CNG Kit for Your Car?

A common dilemma among car owners is if they should purchase a company-fitted CNG kit or opt for a CNG kit from the market. The answer depends on the type and brand you choose while purchasing your kit.

There is a common myth that a company-fitted CNG kit delivers optimum performance and features improved longevity. However, automobile experts state that both offer similar performance.

Also, consider whether your CNG kit is compatible with your vehicle or not. There are two types of CNG kits available in the market –

Venturi CNG Kit: This is an affordable option and an easy-to-install kit compared to others available in the market. It is suitable for any automobile, fuel-injected or carburettor driven vehicle. You can also install it without using an Electronic Control Unit. However, this kit needs frequent cleaning, which requires expert help. Therefore, it may appear affordable in the short term but incurs considerable expenses in the long run.

Sequential CNG Kit: According to automobile experts, this is a better alternative. It has a separate Electronic Control Unit to control the flow of CNG gas to the engine unit. This ensures improved mileage performance. But this costlier kit is only suitable for

How Much Can You Save While Using a CNG Kit?

On average, you can save up to ₹3 to ₹5 per kilometre. For instance, if your car covers nearly 30 kilometres per day, you will save approximately ₹40 to ₹50 daily and ₹1410 monthly. Your annual savings will be around ₹16,920.

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