Car Detailing

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Car Detailing

Car detailing is divided into two components: interior detailing and exterior detailing

External car detailing

Common external processes include:

Washing and Drying

Unlike a car wash, the extension is done by hand. The first step involves spraying the car with a special spray that is high-strength, followed by a thorough hand-washing on the car's rims, requiring door jams, glass, and all exterior parts to be cleaned.


An earthen strip is used to remove any impurities, overspray marks and other residues that cannot be removed with ordinary detergents.


After a car has been used for a while, it is obvious that it loses its polish. Therefore, in this process, the original polish and shine are restored.


To give the car a shiny shine, a sealant is applied, and in some cases, wax can be used.

Interior Car Detailing

There are different ways to do it. However, standard procedures include:


The first step to clean the interior of the car includes vacuuming seat, headliner, rear cargo area, trunk, and shelf. To make the best use of vacuuming, car detection mats and vacuums on the floor must be cleaned separately. For difficult areas that cannot use a vacuum, an air compressor may be used.

Brushing & Steam Cleaning

It is used to clean carpets and mattes. The mats are thoroughly scrubbed to remove stains and stains that have accumulated over the years. To be more effective, a steam-cleaner must be used. However, carpets should be left to dry completely to avoid mildew.

Glass Cleaning

Glass cleaner is used to clean the glass. This ensures the glass remains sparkling and ensures that the driver's viewpoint is not obstructed.

Other services provided at Patel Auto:

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Pro is a Clear, Liquid, Nano Ceramic Coating, which chemically bonds with any surface, forming a Rigid, Nano Glass super – structure protecting the surface. The shielding is permanent, resistant to Solvents, acids, alkalis, UV rays, harsh weather conditions, fire and corrosion. This preserves the original factory paint, makes the surface glossy, Self Cleaning and super hydrophobic.

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Paint protection film (PPF, also called clear bra, clear film or clear paint film) is a thermoplastic urethane often self-healing film applied to painted surfaces of a new or used car in order to protect the paint from stone chips, bug splatters, and minor abrasions.

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